Tonight’s the night!!!!

Legally we’re out tonight as there is no Act of Parliament to overturn the Withdrawal Act of 2018.  The media are in denial.  The politicians are in denial.  Yet lawyers will tell you that we are out.  Parliament can put us back into the EU in future if they wish.  Yet we will be out by tonight.

Ian Crane explains why no one, as far as we know, is celebrating.  Apart from Ned Pamphilon of course who’s holding his Brexit Party tonight come what may.

There will be a massive influx of foreign troops tonight – as part of a ‘NATO’ exercise.  These could be used to put down civil unrest.  Civil disobedience could be less direct than street riots, however – withholding of tax payments, creative disobedience of various kinds.

Ian’s take is that a Parliamentary vote later today will be enough to overturn the Withdrawal Act.  Yet legally that is not correct, in at least one leading lawyer’s opinion.

Judge declares Brexit delay illegal.


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