There’ll be bluebirds over the White Cliffs Of Dover. Music choices for Brexit Day party!

Never mind the politicians.  Where will you be to celebrate Brexit Day, and how?  It’s only weeks away.  Street parties for the kids and grandma/grandpa all out in joyous celebration?  Don’t worry about the Remoaners?  They’ll be miserable whatever happens.  For the 70% who voted for Brexit, March 29th will be party time.

Are we leaving?  You bet we are.  The Presidents of France and Germany have already accepted the UK will not be partaking of the EU elections in four months time.   We are already out in effect.  While the nonsense pours out of Westminster MPs unable to contemplate that the EU gravy train is no more (apart from a few of the more sane ones), we should be preparing for one of the greatest days of our lives.  47 years ago our freedom was stolen.  This month there will again be a day we will not see again – VE2 Day.  The day we got out of the EU is no less a political victory than the military victory of WW2.  The same songs we sang then seem remarkably apt and soul-stirring as they did then.  Listen to the video below and see if you don’t agree!

Encouraging visit to the @Port_of_Dover with @CharlieElphicke and @MarcusFysh to see first-hand the plans in place to ensure continued smooth flow of 2.6 million lorries annually, worth £122bn in trade, operating through the Channel Ports 364 days a year after we leave the EU.…

“It’s precisely because Britain will thrive after Brexit that we attracted record foreign direct investment last year…British start-ups raised almost £8bn in venture capital during 2018 – some 70% more than their French and German counterparts.”…

“Being in the Customs Union after we have left the EU would leave us in the same situation as Turkey – having to accept whatever tariffs the EU decide on whilst having no say in trade negotiations.“…

3 tweets from Owen paterson MP today

Where’s ‘A Nightingal Sang In Berkeley Square?’  I’ll go and look.  Then there’s this old favourite.

Here it is –


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  1. NPP says:

    Excellent idea! A Brexit Party!

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