The mysterious owner of The Brexit Party.

The party is owned by Catherine Blaiklock, formerly UKIP Economics spokesperson. She has a very strange background spending time in children’s homes. Before entering politics in 2016, she worked as a financial currency and derivatives trader.

TAP – Strangely another City trader like Farage.

In 1981, Blaiklock entered Christ Church, Oxford, on a scholarship, the second year the College admitted women. She earned an MA (Hons) in Geography. She then went to India on a Commonwealth Scholarship. Blaiklock then worked as financial currency and derivatives trader with Merrill Lynch and other investment banks, and was located in New York, Tokyo and Singapore. She returned to Asia and founded a health care charity in Nepal, called Nepal in Need, with her then-husband Gyaljen Sherpa which she is still involved with, and for which she continues to raise funds. In 1999, she returned to Norfolk, from where she runs a guest-house, and other small businesses in the local hospitality sector.

TAP – A number of things in this record suggest ‘connections’.  I wonder who her mother was as she gets no mention in her record unlike her father who gets plastered all over it.

Blaiklock is the daughter of explorer Ken Blaiklock, who moved his family to Norfolk when she was 3 months old, from where Blaiklock was raised until college. Blaiklock says she detested growing up in Norfolk describing it as intellectually devoid.  As a teenager she spent four years in care homes because she had bulimia and her parents found her “wayward and difficult”.

Blaiklock’s first husband was a Nepali called Gyaljen Sherpa whom she met in 1997 at Everest base-camp, and with whom she has two children. Her second husband is British Jamaican, Christopher Kirkpatrick.

Here’s her father with his story about wintering in Antarctica – another curiosity in a story full of curiosities.

Kenneth Victor Blaiklock was born in 1927.[1] His daughter is the pro-Brexit politician and founder of the Brexit Party, Catherine Blaiklock.

Again no mention of any mother of Catherine or wife of Ken.  Any Genie specialists out there?  Was it a virgin birth?  Or is there some reason her mother has been scrubbed from the record?


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  1. NPP says:

    The genie is out of the bottle. Which ever, who ever tries to hijack, obfuscate, reverse, the people are being given a day to day demonstration of how duplicitous and untrustworthy the BBC and Westminster are.

    Stand firm Brexiteers.

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