The Brexit Party should be holding Brexit parties on March 29th.

Don’t let the Isrealis steal our national moment of glory on March 29th swamping our media with anti-Semitism and any other narratives that come to their twisted minds.  This is Britain’s moment, not Israel’s.  While Ned and I are holding Brexit parties in our areas, we are also saying that everyone should be doing likewise.  In fact as there is a new political party called The Brexit Party, this should their game.  Before standing to be elected as The Brexit Party, they should get on with it and hold thousands of the same up and down the country.  Nigel Farage, how many more chances will you get to celebrate the achievement of your life’s work?  Party time, it is.  Brexit party time!!!!

Use your imagination.  Get out all the old national songs, dust down your union jack flags and bunting, and be seen being proud of your country.  How many more chances will we get – not many if we don’t take unique opportunities such as this one.

Now come on, Nigel.  Don’t tell us you’re feeling shy of a couple of pints and a little pat on the back.  No one will believe you!!!

Roll out the barrel!  Hoist up the flag.  Show the world we are proud of who we are, of who we were and, best of all, who we will be.


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