Spiritual part of book hits home, says Angels & Devils, M.E.L. reader.

I have just finished your book, which I found very interesting.

I realise writing in detail about your school days was somewhat cathartic for you!!

The rest of the book was a good read, but it was the spiritual chapter caught my interest totally .

I have always had an interest in the spiritual side of life (hence why Mike told me about your book in the first place…. The title – Angels & Devils, My Extraordinary Life)

Since my arrival in Shrewsbury 4 years ago I have had the time to resume my spiritual journey’ ascending’ and ‘awakening’ in the process and so have fast tracked my understanding more through workshops, books,circles talks etc….. to gain more knowledge and reduce the fear!!!……. Anyway less about me and more about congratulating you on a well written book …..

If our paths cross I would enjoy a spiritual conversation with you.

A reader.

TAP – I called her and think I can learn from her experiences which confirm and expand on my own.  The hardback is being worked on and should only be three more weeks from here.


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