Rates of death continue to rise

British insurer Legal & General profits jumped as annuity sales soared and changes to life expectancy boosted its bottom line. The rate of improvement in life expectancy slowed dramatically, as people die earlier than expected, allowing insurers to release reserves they hold to pay future pensions.

The CEO hinted there could be more to come as the company continues to adjust assumptions about how long customers might live. “There’s been a long discussion about whether this is a blip or a trend, and sadly it’s looking like a trend,” he said.


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air pollution.  mostly from private cars.  most from diesel.  work to cut down the diesel fumes you give out (go petrol or electric) and that you breathe.

nitrous oxide and particulates.

polluted water supplies.  filter down to one micron.

chemicals in food and drinks.  number one one killer aspartame.  E905.

social decline.  break up of families.  loneliness.

stress.  work to reduce stress.  increase contentment.  be satisfied with what you have and seek peace of mind not ever increasing wealth, don’t be overly competitive with others.

lack of exercise.  turn off your TV which hits stress and lack of exercise.

avoid emf and 5G associated with rising suicide rate


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