Parliament is losing control

The decision to have a series of indicative votes on certain backbench motions chosen by the Speaker may not produce the happy consensus its proponents wish.

To many in the country it will look like a group of Remain voting MPs canvassing support for delay, dilution or cancellation of Brexit amongst themselves.

MPs  can vote for any number of the approved motions so the numbers will be quite difficult to interpret.

Will any of the popular ones in Parliament be compatible with the Conservative or Labour Manifesto,with what the EU might accept and with the overriding promise to implement the results of the referendum?

If the options are mainly variants of staying in much of the EU , allowing MPs to vote for several of these options at the same time will give the impression of even more  Parliamentary support for failing to implement Brexit.

Sir John Redwood

TAP – Meantime the terms of The Withdrawal Act still stand.  11 am 29th March 2019.


4 Responses to “Parliament is losing control”

  1. NPP says:

    Indeed. The problem is you are called an extremist while Hilary Benn is presented as a moderate voice of compromise alongside Tony Bliar!
    This is how bizarre it has all become.

    I’m an extremist with you.
    Out now no deal, whatever you call it: Leave!

    • Gordon says:

      The trouble here is that no MP including the PM have any balls. From the start May should have told the EU mafia to get lost when they asked for 39 billion and be quite prepared for a no deal. No deal, no billions. Then we would have seen the rats squeal in our favour.

      Regarding Tony Bair the globalist you should be aware that this traitorous individual is touting EU heads of states, many of whom he is friends with, to make things as difficult as possible for Britain to leave the EU.

      The crux is leave means leave no if buts or maybe. If the EU want to trade with us, fine if they do and fine if they don’t, not the other way about. If they don’t we’ll find our own trading partners and move along nicely as we did pre Common Market days.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Do you still bother listening? Brexit’s a vast money making scam. The Pound can be sent 10% either way through manipulating the political chicanery. If you’re an insider there will never be a bigger money-making opportunity.

  3. NPP says:

    Oh yes, love listening to the entertainment!

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