Magic Johnson : Wizard Penis

E. Michael Jones as ever entertaining, perhaps controversial, but enticing listening…..

Pro-contraception was the first step toward a policy of sodomy
African AIDS did not exist… it was a population control campaign.
Anyone who had diarrhea for 10 days was diagnosed with AIDS, anyone with a poverty related disease was redefined as having AIDS
If you walked across the road and were hit by a truck, you died of AIDS

Medicine was weaponised.
The so called AIDS virus? They never found it.

The one guy who beat it was called Magic Johnson, a pseudonym for wizard penis?
The magic was that he stopped taking the medicine.
Arthur Ash took the AZT which was chemo-therapy which killed him

1 billion died in the Holy Cause

I’d vote for Vlad The Impaler before Hillary Clinton.


Gravity Fails: The Comic Jewish Shaping of Modern America
by James D. Bloom

Owen Benjamin Finding Logos with E. Michael Jones


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