Lying Hunt

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Sunday 24 March 2019

Dear Prime Minister,

Last morning of 21 March, on BBC R4 Today at approx. 20.10hr, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt talked to Jon Humbumphrys: “She is absolutely determined to deliver what people voted for… we are a country where we do what the people say… she has never once wavered in her strong, strong belief that the Conservative party’s mission is to deliver the Brexit the people voted for….”

I sat at my desk thinking liar. Liars. You have no intention of implementing real and proper Brexit. At the very least, you are avoiding discussion about UK-€U military unification. Brilliant Brexit is a gift that just keeps on giving. As you all obfuscate and seek to stop the will of the people you are in effect denying logos and inverting the truth. Your deal Prime Minister s not Brexit. There was no vague message from David Cameron: Leave or Remain. I did not vote for a deal, I voted to Leave the ghastly Cuddenhove-Kalergi plan and €U political ideological club.

It seems next you, the BBC and Westminster establishment, may orchestrate an issue of offending and threatening MP’s to further fan the flames of chaos and impose further censorship upon freedom of speech including the internet. As a Brexiteer, I have been on the receiving end of numerous slurs and negative slights, but rather than be a victim, I have taken it on the chin.

The chaos you are nurturing will have unintended consequences; as is the natural law of things. The Brexit genie is out of the bottle and it is extraordinary to observe the true colours of the BBC and Westminster being revealed for all to see. My perception is that while pretending to be moderate, the BBC and Westminster are the extremists; the nurturers of hate, division and pessimism. I do not know who or what you all represent, but it is not me; not us; not the majority of the good people of the UK. Eventually, the electorate will hold the Westminster deception to account.

If, however, you Prime Minister do oversee a No Deal Brexit, your premiership will be vindicated. It’s that simple. My village hall Brexit Party 29 March goes ahead. We’re Leaving.

Yours sincerely,


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