Lady who helped cure people of cancer threatened with extradition by French

Lyn’s in court from hereon defending the extradition hearing being brought against her.  GCMAF improved peoples’ immune systems, she points out.

That’s the nature of her ‘crime’, repairing human immune systems, stopping cancer’s profits from reaching pharmaceutical companies who don;t cure the didease bt exact massive payments for pretending to do so.

Law and morality are entirely separate.  The law is there purely to protect big Pharma.  They want the money they earn from not curing cancer.

Curing cancer is bad for business.

If people do find ways to treat cancer they are breaking the law.

There are no side effects to her treatment.  GCMAF is in mother’s milk.  Its a natural product, not a medicine.  It heals the immune system.

When the body’s immune system is compromised negative heath effects result.  If the immune system can be cured, people will recover from many diseases and conditions.

The word ‘cure’ is not permissible.  The 1939 Cancer Act makes it illegal to claim to be able to cure cancer.

Tuesday 12th March.  Royal Courts Of Justice The Strand London.  Meet outside courts Ian Crane and other supporters.  9.30am.


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