How to take action now to defend your family from 5G.

MPs have hamstrung future negotiations by getting rid of ‘NO DEAL’ option.   They also voted to delay Brexit.  Yet unless a delay is negotiated, there cannot be a delay.  The MPs are doing what the hell they like because the British public don’t engage with them.  People must engage and participate.   By not engaging and participating in Brexit the Tories are given free reign by an apathetic public.

The 5G agenda is gaining pace at a pace pf knots.  Communities though are staring to tae an interest.  5G action groups are breaking out.

Meeting tonight (Friday) inBradford On Avon.  Today Mark Steele is at Totnes.  (28th March –  appeal by Mark Steele in Newcastle for charge of harassing Gateshead councillors)

5G is the greatest threat to the survival of humanity there has ever been.  It’s a military grade microwave technology which kills through raising rates of sickness.   It causes suicides amongst military veterans, birth deformities.


Focus on what is happening in your town, in your street.  LED streetlights and 5G bolt ons are being placed on the walls of peoples’ houses.  They state they shouldn’t be within 25 feet of a residence.

Find the Constitution of your Council, identify the specifics of who is responsible –  go via and find out who’s responsible – ask them what measures and actions have been taken to ensure 5G is safe for the people to live with.

AV10 day tickets are available.  go to and get day tickets. SPEAKERS include –  Deborah Tavares from USA.  JFK21 former banker exposing everything.  Doherty fired from mainstream after getting too close to the corruption in Irish politics and Police.  Clive De Carle.  Brian Gerrish.  Dr Graham Downing.  Patrick Henningsen.


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