Is there another Brexit agenda – the destruction of democracy?

The one certainty of the current situation in Parliament is that people’s faith in the system, which was already in decline, has now been shattered.  This may not be an unintentional consequence of all the shenanigans surrounding Brexit, but an intended one.  The Labour Party is effectively finished after dropping every principle.  There is only one operational political party left – the Tories.

When a leading Brexiteer Tory starts writing articles in the mainstream media that the Commons cannot last much longer ‘in its current form’, you could take that to mean that while he clearly supports Brexit, he also supports the idea of either a one party state, or a national government with all parties amalgamating to form a single regime, or some other kind of authoritarian structure.  When the writer is also a known Bilderberger, you begin to wonder what the crypto-agenda truly is.

He writes –

“There is a deeper, democratic objection to voting for her deal (which he refuses to do)…Is no one left to speak for the majority who put them (MPs) there? If so, don’t suppose that the Commons in its current form, or the main parties that compose it, will last much longer.”…

I can’t imagine he means a revolution on the streets will take place forcing a response from the authorities and the closing of Parliament.  It sounds more like a top down imposition of force on the people, cloaked as a way to save democracy, delivering the Brexit the people voted for.  The totalitarian state of Brussels would thus be replaced by a totalitarian regime run from within Brexited Britain.  Had the people been asked if that was their preference I doubt many would have opted for such an outcome.

Is this article an example of the system of karma observed by the elites?  They have to warn us of their intended outcomes.  If we don’t say anything or strongly react, this is then taken by them as compliance. I would like to know what form of democratic collapse is being visualised.  Why are we being warned?

I don’t do paywalls so I have to stop reading as the letters fade away and the Telegraph’s offer of paying £1 to finish the article is given.  Maybe some Tap Blog readers can see more and can fill some of the blanks.  I will await the next Tweet from The Rt Hon Mr Paterson MP, and any further clues he may give as to the agenda for the destruction of democracy in Britain.


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