I’m afraid that I know nothing regarding the source of this video, but it would surprise me if it is not true, as the remain desperados are in overdrive just now.

Yes Ian, I was on a train coming out of London and was swamped by demonstrators.  German, French, Austrian and many others.  English people too were much in evidence, but not as many as suggested, all much of the Remoaner variety.  As for their slogan ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ I am sure almost anyone over 11 could do better.  They seemed very excited all checking the output of the organisers on their cellphones every five minutes, giving me a headache in the railway carriage as a result.  I had to move myself and baby to stand at the end where the emfs were less aggressive.  We went across Westminster Bridge which was packed with little English spoken, except accented  from other countries, as I could hear.



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