Hybrid attack. Are you ready?

Masts are springing up now every few months each with aggressive electro magnetic frequency output (radiation).  Places that at one time gave a green on my emf reader are now heavily into red.  You need to get over a kilometre from the town centre to get some relief from the assault on your body’s cells.  These emfs are pulsed – at hundreds of thousands of beats per second.  There is nothing like them in nature.  Your body can’t feel them but mood is immediately affected, and memory.

I run for it as quickly as I can and try to plan our journeys to avoid the worst.  Inside the car as long as the front screen is off or playing music the ticker keeps to green or yellow except when passing beneath or besides a mast.  You can buy clothing from emfields.org for your children to wear under their uniforms, and get resistant fabrics for furniture and curtains.

In the classroom smart boards have replaced blackboards.  Many teachers surreptitiously keep their phones switched on all day – not in airplane mode as they should do – or off.  The resulting emf soup in the classroom is horrific.  Playgrounds are in the high red zone when exposed line of sight to masts which unfortunately many are.

Kids come home and want wifi, laptops and phones.  We refuse and resist as we know these children have little chance of surviving this assault.  I measure the emfs around the house.  One side isn’t bad so we only go out that side now.  The neighbour’s wifi, DEC phones and mobile is a damned nuisance and worrying as the kids’ bedrooms are nearer the joining wall than ours is.  How people will cope in blocks of flats I can’t imagine.  I am ordering paints and fabrics that resist this assault, which will be ageing the innocent perpetrator next door much faster than she knows.  Sleep is affected and mood.

This is just the emf assault pre-5G, which is already awful to live with and had been affecting my sleep until I worked out the cause and started erecting physical barriers, putting wifi inside a tin and behind the TV so that it works without sending my meter red where I work.  At night everything is switched off.

Air purity is under attack from diesel fumes throughout the town.  I work out out wind direction and walk away from the flow off the main roads, taking side roads wherever possible.  Cars are kept closed to outside air until the air is cleaner, then we open up and breathe some fresh air.  Water from mains is filtered down to 1 micron.  Food is fresh as far as is possible.  Milk raw from a local farm which doesn’t spray glyphosate etc and sells to public.  We pick and freeze berries in summer and press apples from local farmer to make juice.

I could go on.  It’s a non-stop battle to stop toxicity and cellular attack, and get better nutrition while foods in shops are progressively depleted.

In the first world war, the weapons were simple to understand and the battlefield defined.  Now the weapons are hidden.  The targets are unaware they are engaged in warfare.  The field of battle is your daily living environment.

The psychological attack is relentless.  Brexit.  Terrorism. Endless wars to grab oil and break up creditor nations.  Financial and economic stress – debts and reducing opportunities to earn.

It doesn’t add to fear to be aware.  In fact it lessens fear to be aware.  You know what you are facing and start to work out why things are as they are.  You can start to defend yourself.  Even though fighting back is not at all easy.

If more were aware fighting back would get a lot easier.  Many know they are being attacked, but are unsure as to how, and why, and where the assault is coming from.  You need to research endlessly to battle in a hybrid war as the attacks are so numerous and land in series and parallel.  Our enemies are enjoying their good times right now.  We are walking like lambs to the slaughter buying I-Phones and surrounding our bodies with unprotected electronic toxicity.  At least keep the damned things inside Faraday bags and save yourselves if not your friends, your family and neighbours.

The attack is aiming not only at your life, and your health.  More than that it is aimed to deprive you of your contentment.  If you are content you are strong, both in this life and afterwards.  They aim to disempower you as a force on earth and a force in the after life.  You must hold on to your contentment at all costs.  That is the golden substance that is all to them and to you – and to the side we nearly all want to win.

If pushed into a stressed and disconsolate state, you are sidelined, disempowered and are not able to exert any more influence on the ultimate battle between good and evil.  Electro magnetic radiation is aimed at your spirit via your body.

More on this in Angels & Devils – My Extraordinary Life.



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