Fascinating interview about who are the Jews?

Sent into comments by Cobalt.  ‘Our God is Lucifer’.  ‘We let the Goyim do the work.  We like to have a good time.’ ‘There’s Jews everywhere in the world.  We breed with all the good-looking women everywhere in the world.  They like the diamonds.  They have sex with us.  They get married with us or they don’t.  It doesn’t;t matter.  We hire a Jew lawyer and get a divorce.  She hires a Jew lawyer but she doesn’t get much.’

‘We brought down The Twin Towers.  We made some shekels on it.  I shorted American Airlines.  I shorted Lloyds Insurance.  I made a few shekels.  The building was old and doing it this way, we made money out of it.’

‘George Bush is a good Goyim.  Does what he’s told.  The non-Jews are cattle, the Goyim.  Buffett.  Bill Gates.  They’re good Goyim doing what they’re told.’

The Jews are getting out of the US$ as the Fed will pull the plug on it.  The Jews control all the organisations out there.  We own both sides of every game.  That way we know the outcome.  The political parties are staffed by Jews, or by good bought and paid for Goyim.  They do what we want so we make some shekels.  The white race are a bunch of cowards.  The man carry purses and are of little interest to women.  That’s why all the women come to us.

We started the Women’s Rights movement, right to vote, right to equal pay.  We got the women going, and now look at them.    They get going chasing the shekel and get no kids as by the time they’re forty they’re too old.  The real good-looking ones we take em to Hollywood and we get them.’




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