One Response to “English Democrats bring Case to get a Declaration that UK left the EU on the 29th March at 11 pm. It will win.”

  1. kendrickdm says:

    Ok I will give a health warning and a wealth warning.

    Last year my experience with the court system against the corpocracy led to Judge williams a HC judge attending my case to shut it down his parachuting into it from the West Country or out of his administrative area, attending the case 1/2 hour late, with the defendent not turning up, entering into cross examination on behalf of the defendent and refusing to answer any prosecution points – literally silence, during which time for 30 mins I endured what was actually a half hour of personal character abuse which the defense never sent into the case as arguement. The reason this could be gotten away with is simple it is because there is no jury or witness in a hearing and the court system allows judcial abuse without a management oversight because the Judge writes up the case notes, his governing body looks soley after his interests, and the recording just has to be him & his verdict in 4 words in less than 1 minute because abuse of process is permitted in a rigged system.

    Point being, the man complained the could not rule against me with costs, in fact screamed it when he discovered it. Thank god I was enforcing a broken agreement not going through a case where he could bounce up the costs to the millions in his abuse.

    To cut a long story short, only an absolute idiot jumps inot the British court system since the Elite(corptocracy) will be Supporting and Juding the Elite, in this instance another self supporting prosecution will be attempting to eforce their rights without realising what they are dealing with.

    So if they go in, it will take another 9 months to get the case through to be heard, they will walk into a court room challenging statutary law which orgs tend to do after ‘legal advice’ usually at barrister level, the rate at which is 99% or more against the claimant and if it is 99% against it is 99% for the government, and a health warning is now given, law is not considered law or hard until it has gone through the courts at least once, and therefore the judiciary get to make rulings on it.

    Effectively taking a case through the court system and losing stops forever any other challenge to that law. It then has to be reapealed in Parliament by Act. So however well meaning, your best bet was in fact always in getting a parliamentary act, the system will never rule against itself in the same way as a police investigation is dropped if it goes the wrong place.

    The best possible thing which could be done by this political party is to get elected since this limited company political party has assets of less than £600 yet by its well meaning effort will give Remain by which the establishment corptocracy unlimited powers by judicial interpretation which they did not have before which is exactly what remain does when it has taken Government to court against brexit also.

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