Earthquakes to shake the complacency of the South East of England

Parliament talks and does nothing.  Our political system is totally broken.  Attempts are being made to form a middle ground party to break the two party system but all they will do is reinforce it.  Social media is gaining ground, and The Establishment is doing all it can to restrict social media’s advance.  Anyone who challenges the official narrative will increasingly be classified as an enemy of the state.

Never has the scenario had so much opportunity.  Yet the majority and especially the youth of the country are only able to ridicule those that seek change.  They seem to be unable to understand the situation we are in.  After 47 years of EU interference this country needs to re-establish its democracy, and that will take people to become active. It’s down to us.  Ian is trying to stimulate peoples’ curiosity.  He doesn’t claim to have all the answers.  People must do their own research and come to their own conclusions.  If we don’t get involved we will condemn future generations to lives of abject misery.  We must fight our corner.

Listen to his message.


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