Cardinal Sin gets punished…if a little late in the day.

This is what is needed to get the Churches to do what is right for all abused children. I wrote to Pope Francis asking for the Vatican State to be the first State to endorse our petition & pass new laws so that within the Catholic Church there are “Stiff sentences + hefty fines & publicity for all who cover up for child abuse” but there was no response. More abusers at the top need to be exposed & those who cover-up for them – to this end I expose freemason Desmond Tutu, covered up by the Archbishop of Canterbury, by the IICSA, by Theresa May, by LibDem John Hemming, by Tory Paul Carter, by Belinda McKenzie, by the Loose Bowls Club & 4 CofE Churches in Maidstone eg St Peters Boughton Monchelsea, St Paul’s.  YOLANDE KENDAL of Justice For All.

The 77-year-old cardinal, once an adviser to Pope Francis, was sentenced to six years in prison by a Melbourne court on Wednesday morning.

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