Britain to be free once more. Owen Paterson MP.

@OwenPaterson “…the law of the land is still that we leave at eleven o’clock on the 29th March and that would deliver what 17.4 million people voted for…

One MP doesn’t want The Brexit Party getting any traction.  He ‘gets it’.

Freedom is a relative term, but being ruled by Brussels is tantamount to 100% slavery as demonstrated by France’s Gilets Jaunes.

Owen Paterson MP slams the establishment. “Legally we are leaving on March 29th!”

Also Sir John Redwood MP says –
The Commons motion last night to reject a so called no deal or WTO exit does not change the law. That says we leave on 29 March. Leaving without a Withdrawal Agreement remains the default position.




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  1. NPP says:

    One MP doesn’t want The Brexit Party getting any traction.

    Why? The Tories are not supporting Brexit.
    Why not a Brexit Party?
    Because of some one’s dodgy parents?

  2. Tapestry says:

    Brexit Party is the least bad vehicle but like UKIP fixed to fail from the start. MI5 would prefer Brexit to fail and then they have the BP waiting in the wings staffed by City dealers ready to make a killing and lead the masses down the next blind alley. The durable Conservative eurosceptics like Redwood and Paterson might yet come to the fore. That would be the preferred solution, Brexit now not the can kicked down the road.

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