March 29th 2019 at 11am. Brexit Party take-up begins.  



Henry Curteis runs TAP blog. He has posted material over the years
covering weird and wonderful ideas; obviously a denier of everything
available to deny! He’s the chap I did some proof reading of a book
for. His business is jewellery, but as his new book of memoirs
explains, he’s explored the path of unconventional wisdom.


March 29th 2019 at 11am?  It’s time.

Henry, Christine is a German lady, now British citizen actually, in my
village. She contacted me about a year ago seeking support to stop
cutting down trees at Knettishall Heath and subsequently she has
financed and organised:

Christine has previously donated funds to Suffolk Wildlife Trust and
once volunteered her time to Green Peace 2 days a week. She now jokes
she is a proud climate change denier. She is one of the few people
around me I can talk to…. I invented Henry the Knettishall Phooking
Bird in a sketched moment at her sitting room table.

This morning I noticed this post:

What a wonderful, positive affirmation of how we envisage our community.

Christine, what if we organise ourselves a Brexit Party? Be positive!
I can tell you technically we are not leaving, but why not celebrate
the occasion and assume that eventually we will. Let’s acknowledge the
will of the people against all the propaganda and odds. Your crate of
untouched wine at the SWT meeting?

I was going to just e-mail Christine and thought why not share with
Henry too… I am so tired of the relentless pessimism and dour
predictions of Remoaners. Let’s celebrate that against all the odds,
the Brexit vote was at least our symbolic win!



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