BBC Apparently Unaware of The Lobby

Worth posting again if TAP has done so already.

The outbreak of accusation about anti-Semolinaism is apparently of epidemic proportions in the UK just now; Corbyn being the leading culprit since it is rumoured he has converted his allotment garden shed into a ‘chamber’ of some description and makes lamp shades in his spare time.

Is this documentary anti-Semolinaic? In the UK today it is a blurred line between criticising you know who and who know what…. indeed, it is a marketing strategy to limit criticism of you know who. I suggest the only fuss about Semolina is on the BBC and within Westminster, not among the public at large. Barry Gardiner Lab MP, in particular, has his knickers in a twist about the epidemic of anti-Semolinaism… in his head.

The BBC, as far as I know, have completely ignored e.g. Joan Ryan’s £1,000,000 bung talk.

How the Lobby manipulates USA


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