Bayer, Monsanto Roundup in trouble again.

This really makes me angry. Roundup which is now owned by Bayer I believe, has a very checkered past. It is constantly claimed  that it is carcinogenic. Given the government’s habit of feet dragging over accepting the dangers associated with tobacco, and asbestos for example, and the known major influence on Government, by Big Pharma and the big Agri chemical companies of which Bayer agri’ is a part, It is a fair bet that the feet dragging will continue. Many will already know this, but for those who do not, It is common practice in the UK, to spray a standing cereal crop, barley, wheat, or  whatever, with Roundup days before harvest to, “crisp it up” to make harvesting easier. The grains are then harvested covered in this herbicide. It has to stop.


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