Are your children being turned into goldfish?

Technology entertains and while doing that it rewires the brain.  The brain becomes addicted to electronic stimulus.  This is the transhuman agenda.  Children are being made into robots.  That is just the beginning as actual robots are being deployed.  In Dubai there are robots acting as Police.

Another part of the transhuman agenda is depopulation.  Robots can take over peoples’ jobs.

The human immune system is being targeted.  Dramatic fall is sperm counts.  Its all part of the cull.  Aluminium falling out of the sky from chemtrails.  Bees are being poisoned by aluminium.  Vaccines targeting the human immune system.  People are waking up so they will make vaccines compulsory.  Drugging the population.  Dictatorship without tears, as people’s minds and ability to think is being removed.

University education producing snowflakes – people who cannot think.  This is all part of the same plan.

Movies are running pre-emptive programming – showing people what is coming in movies and TV series the world they want to introduce.  They are making the sub-conscious familiar with the new world that’s coming – Hunger Games, Equilibrium.   Is it a lost cause?

Yet we can change direction, says Icke.  We can change ourselves.  If we can see what is being done to us, we can move our minds.  Yet we must become aware of what is going on.


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