5G kills off bird life in Gateshead – going countrywide.

No more bird song in the morning.  5G is said to give you movie downloads in three seconds but it has other massive effects on the environment.

5G is killing off the birds in Gateshead, raising rates of birth deformity, rates of suicide and raising too the rates of cancer.

Advancement of science is only an advancement of short term cash flow as the corporations execute slavery on humanity.

The lady who helped people with cancer Lyn Pyer is facing an extradition hearing Tuesday morning, 12th March 2019 at 9.30 at the Royal Courts Of Justice at The Strand.  She needs support.  Her crime to help her former partner David Noakes in his venture to supply gcmaf a protein that’s in nature, that helps alleviate and prevent many diseases including cancers.  The French want to extradite her and imprison her in France for up to ten years.  Al she did was save peoples’ ;ives.

Ian ‘s national 5G tour starts in May but please get your own actions going.  There is not time to waste as 5G roll-out is already happening as fast as the authorities can make it.


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