3 Dancing Israelis Barry Gardiner?

The other day on BBC TV 1 Question Time Labour MP Barry Gardiner, twit extraordinaire, held up a couple of hate letters from right-wing extremists suggesting Barry is a Zionist shill and questioning whether the murderer of his ex-colleague Jo Cox, was not the culprit…. blah blah.

DEAFENING silence when BBC QT audience asked if they agree with Labour MP Barry Gardiner:

Gardiner is a classic softly spoken, frequently on TV and radio, gate keeper for the world of bollox where MP’s declare their support for the democratic system while doing everything possible to stop and even reverse the mandate of the largest voting turn-out in UK voting history.

Wouldn’t I love to see Ryan Dawson to put Barry straight on a few things related to Israel, live on the BBC. I know, never going to happen, but I can sow an Ian R. Crane seed and put the idea out there. Barry Gardiner is an extremist and Jo Cox called for the interference into Syria. I’d say that was pretty extreme. Jo Cox and her husband put their tiny children into a boat and rather aggressively chased after Farage and the fishermen making their protest in The Thames. Can you imagine if Farage had done the same toward Remainers? He’s have been hounded as an extremist.

The 3 dancing Israeli intelligence agency Jews, who worked for Urban Moving Systems, took 76 photos of 9/11….. go to this link to see a 10 minute run down on just a few of the documented facts:

The dancing Israelis Myth, Myth


Dawson is banned from so many platforms. Is it something he says?

The Jo Cox Assassination – An Independent Investigation

PART 1 OF 4 – Exit From Brexit, The Jo Cox Departure


3 Responses to “3 Dancing Israelis Barry Gardiner?”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Thanks form posting these Richard D Hall videos. I’d seen the first one but the latest one (Exit From Brexit) is brilliant too. It’s time Tommy Mair was let out of jail. He is clearly innocent.

  2. NPP says:

    I don’t know if he did or didn’t.
    I do know the case looks very managed and manipulated and Barry the Gardiner typical of a gate keeper who closes down any questioning of the event.

    But, don’t worry, Bliar’s old mate Lord Falconer is to Chair an inquiry into Semolina and Corbyn’s Labour. What could possibly go wrong?!

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