Unravelling the Jews

Nazis Helped Jewish Leader Escape from Poland

February 24, 2019

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(Trump, his father, Hitler and Chabad leadership have 
Masonic hand sign in common)
Is a satanist Jewish supremacist cult called Chabad, the “head of the Illuminati snake?”
The VIP treatment afforded its leader Menachem Schneerson by top Nazi and US officials in 1941 suggests that the Nazis were false opposition and WW2 was a charade.
Nazi and Cabalist views of the Master Race and subhumans were mirror-images. 
This story suggests Nazis and Cabalist Jews have more in common. Connect the dots folks. The Nazis rescued the Cabalist leader but
killed assimilated Jews. The Hoyer Memorandum below suggests Cabalist (Illuminati) Jews played a role in the holocaust.
They are mass murderers and it looks like they are setting the stage for another culling.  
 from Jan 23, 2018
by Henry Makow PhD
In January 1940, the Gestapo was bewildered to see a party of 18 Orthodox Jews riding first-class on a train from Warsaw to Berlin.

Their Abwehr escorts explained that they were under “full diplomatic protection.”  



The party consisted of Josef Yitzhak Schneerson, left, the dynastic leader of the worldwide Chabad Lubavitcher movement, his family and staff. He wanted to bring his 40,000 volume library but Abwehr Col. Ernst Bloch, a half-Jew himself, deemed that to be impractical. 
From Berlin, the party travelled first-class to Riga, Latvia, and then on to Stockholm where they boarded a ship to the USA, arriving in March 1940. The “escape” is documented in the book,Rescued from the Reich (2004) by Bryan Mark Rigg, a Cambridge Ph.D., and professor at American Military University.

“Ironically, without the rescue of Rebbe Schneersohn, the rescue of his son-in-law and the next Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson would not have happened. Working with the government and contacts within the US State Department, Chabad was able to save Menachem Mendel from Vichy France in 1941 before the borders were closed down.” (Wikipedia)
This rescue contradicts the narrative that the Nazis were antisemites determined to exterminate European Jewry. Rather, it supports the view that the Chabad are, in Tim Fitzpatrick’s words, “the head of the Illuminati snake” wielding incredible unseen power over world events. It supports the view that the Illuminati Jewish bankers, who, like Chabad are Cabalist Satanists, engineered World War Two to destroy Germany and provide a pretext (the mass murder of mainly assimilated Jews) for the establishment of the State of Israel.


(Canaris making the Masonic hand-to-neck sign) 
The Schneerson rescue was engineered by Admiral Wilhelm Canaris who was a Freemason (Cabalist) and possibly a crypto-Jew. Canaris was aware of the script and, at the height of Nazi success in August 1940 warned the Romanian Minister Michael Sturdza (and later General Franco) that Germany was going to lose the war.
The US State Dept., an Illuminati bastion, was part of the conspiracy to sacrifice millions of Jewsto justify the creation of Israel. However, they made an exception for Rabbi Schneerson and his party. Why? Because the Chabad were accomplices or responsible.


Bryan Rigg writes: “American officials failed to respond not only to thousands of desperate pleas from European Jews who wish to escape to the United States but also to Germany’s own request at the Evian Conference in 1938 that they be allowed to emigrate. It took extremely influential politicians, including Secretary of State Cordell Hull and the assistant chief of the State Department’s European Affairs Division Robert T. Pell, together with Postmaster General James A. Farley, Justice Louis Brandeis, Senator Robert Wagner, Attorney General Benjamin Cohen, and several others, to steer Rebbe Schneersohn’s case through the bureaucratic Bermuda Triangle. Without such a powerful and persistent lobby in Washington, what chances would the average European Jew have had to reach America?” (p. 197)
In his book, The New Underworld Order, (2007) Christopher Story (1938-2010) maintained that “the Jews worst enemy is other Jews.” Nazi (i.e. Cabalist) Jews helped engineer the Holocaust.  He quoted a 1952 report by SS General Horst Hoyer which suggests Schneerson’s rescue by Nazis was not unique.


“After a meeting with the Jewish Council of Elders in charge of the Warsaw Ghetto,  an orderly announced, “Officials! Leaders! The gentlemen have arrived.” Some sixteen or seventeen serious looking Jews were ushered in, introduced and took their seats around a large oval table. In a festive short hour, recognition was given these Jews with personalized certificates (on white hard paper, 40 by 40 cm). On the left was a large golden national insignia with letters in Gothic and a seal with the original signature of Adolf Hitler.
These certificates assured the full protection of these Jews, their families and properties by the Greater German Reich. Included were words of thanks and blessings by Hitler in the name of the German people. Around this table with its distinguished Jews and in this festive hour, one sensed no hatred, no war, and no conspiracy…
Once in our discussions, I was told, passionately, “Our race has to learn to sacrifice!” Later I was told by Jewish Fascists, “Of those here, we shall still let 60% ‘bite the dust’ before Madagascar [i.e Israel].”
One commentator who read the Hoyer Memorandum said:
“One must be mindful of the intense inter-Jewish tension and contrast, above all between the objectives of the nationally-assimilated Jews and those of world Jewry and Zionism. These divisions are much much deeper than the relationships between believing and non believing Jews…one group of Jews fell victim to another…” (Story, 532)


(left, Marvin Adelson & friends) 
Michael Berg was a member of Chabad for four years. He confirms that Chabad is a criminal racist Jewish supremacist cult dedicated to Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) world domination. It is obvious from the images above that Donald Trump is a member. His daughter and son-in-law are also members. Possibly Putin is.
The world is controlled by a satanic cult determined to degrade and enslave humanity. The promotion of war, gender confusion and migration  should be seen in this light.

1putlazar (1).png

left, Putin with Berel Lazar, Chabad chieftain in Russia
Thanks to Michael Berg for bringing Rigg’s book to my attention.
 First Comment by James C
The Nazis wanted the Jews out of Germany, and the Zionists wanted the Jews in Palestine.  So they worked together to accomplish this end.  It was called the Transfer Agreement, or  Haavara Agreement.
In his new book Blood Covenant with Destiny, Texe Marrs says that “The ultimate objective of Kabbalah … is the utter destruction of all matter, of mankind itself:  Annihilation…  The neocon cabal is a veiled and shadowy demonstration of it.  They actually want to plunge the world into nuclear catastrophe and chaos.  A fiery chaos and destruction atop which they hope to build their new, occult utopian Order of the Ages.  It is a frightening prospect, and so far, it has been successful” (p. 86).
John Bolton is the most hawkish of the neocons.  His appointment as the National Security Advisor by the Trump administration indicates that things are progressing as planned.  Now the Sanhedrin has invited Arabs to join in rebuilding the Temple.  According to one interpretation of biblical prophecy, the rebuilding of the Temple and the reinstitution of animal sacrifices are signs preceding the greatest time of trouble the world has ever seen.

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  1. Cobalt says:

    All I will say is there is a big difference between orthodox Jews and Zionists.

    A good friend of mine (who is Jewish and a rabbi) said “we are the poor ones”

    Then you get the Zionists who swear oath to Isis-Ra-El who have so much money they crave power instead…. and you are called ‘Anti-Semetic’ for stating the obvious…


    And this:


    Make your own mind up… It certainly needs unravelling.

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