UKC: €U Military Union Consolidation

The elephant in the room continues to be €U-UK military unification and Soviet style consolidation.

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UK Column News – 1st February 2019


Show notes: these include links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.


€uropean Defence progressing….

NATO? PESCO? CARD? Consolidate, move agenda forward toward real defence policy
Trump said NATO obsolete… perhaps indeed, it is: €U defence union.

German declines F35…. because of impending deal with French?

British military forces in sad state

Treason By Pretence?

David Hurst on stepping stones talking about and where the constitution is

The €3: UK France Germany getting around US sanctions
The $ problem
Sandhurst Aachen Treaties….
I agree with Mike. All Germany promised France was to send a minister to Macron cabinet meetings. We promised the French our fissile matter!

France gilets jauaes violence
9328 flash bullets used.
1982 boy killed by bullet. Today they are still used.

I Am The Common Law Court

Organ Donation private members bill

Fresh Organs!

Non Depolarising Blocking Agent
I don’t think Monty Python were joking with “Death awaits you all with nasty sharp pointy teeth”!

Great Irishman Hermann Kelly: “This bullshit backstop has backfired in our face”

Justice System only for rich and famous

Alan Duncan…. is Brexit good or not?

At least the €U are more transparent than the UK?


UK Column News – 1st February 2019


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