Tweet & Spread: €U Military Unification?

Each Thursday the UKC team is pushing out some focussed tweets, targetting key people within the British political establishment. As many of you have noticed, the main focus of this activity at the moment is EU defence union.


The reason we are pushing this issue so hard is this: defence union, as we have said many times before, is deliberately being kept out of the Brexit debate. Why? We believe the reasons is that while the “future relationship” is still to be negotiated, one policy area, defence, has already been agreed and is not up for debate.


This issue must be brought into the public domain if the correct decisions are to be made.


So this week we have pushed out a group of four tweets highlighting Tony Blair’s claim that EU defence union was started by him, it’s his policy and is “absolutely essential” for the future. We ask why a Tory government is implementing a Blair policy?


Here are the links to today’s main tweets:


Please spread these as far and wide as you can!!


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