The MAGICK of the sociopathic global corporatists.

How do they manage to freeze the brains of the mass of the people?  Advertising?

Are the MPs finally getting it as regards the EU?  They are getting a massive postbag to get on with BREXIT.  No Deal’s the way to go, keeping our £39 billion.  Then we need trade agreements.

Beyond Brexit we face 5G rollout.  5G targets the cities.  London.  Cardiff. Edinburgh.  Birmingham and Manchester. are first phase.

2020 will be Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool, Sheffield, Coventry and Bristol, inter alia.  5G needs a transceiver every three hundred metres or so.  Foliage is a major problem for 5G so they will looking to fell trees everywhere.  See video for full list of cities.  Bournemouth says even hanging baskets have a negative effect on 5G.

People say,’They will never do this.’

Those who stand to benefit form the rollout of this technology with huge pay-offs usually offshore won’t even look at how many will die.

Technology has no need to look at health effects protected by the law. Impact on health from microwave technologies are massive.  Members of the Royal Corps Of Signals have very high cancer rates – usually of the brain – as a result of microwave signalling.  This is now to be rolled out nationally.

5G is for mobile phones and SMART devices everywhere.  Technical reports claim there is no evidence of massive health risks.  Yet there could be ‘unintended biological consequences’, it is claimed.   There is not enough research into 5G and LED street lights and their health impact.  It is not only Gateshead where 5G is coming in but in these sixteen cities which are to be the test areas.

Bristol has seen a marked increase in student suicides in recent years.  The Bridgend suicides were observed to be near masts.  Yet there’s never been any proper investigation.  Gateshead has seen marked increase in negative health effects – 5G controlled LED street lights are installed throughout Gateshead.

The only way to stop this is for community groups to pick up the gauntlet, and battle the installations yourselves.  It is crucial for people to take an interest in what is going on in their communities.


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