Prepare for post-Brexit attacks on British economy and culture

Wide ranging talk from Ian Crane who covers current events in the UK, France and elsewhere.  Have faith in the resilience of the British spirit, he says.  Other countries are being encouraged by Brexit and Britain’s determination to get free.  The EU wants to make an example of Britain if they can.  If we stand firm and stand together, we can work our way out of the totalitarian state which is so keen to nail us.

The 5G issue is coming – and the LED street lights which will increase rates of illness, birth deformity, depression and suicide as will the 5G microwave that’s coming.  We have only just started the fightback.  Chemtrails also sent to damage our environment.


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  1. Tom74 says:

    Unfortunately, the totalitarian state will come not from the EU but as a result of the Tories tightening their grip on the country after Brexit – with their American bosses pulling their strings. Ian Crane had better be careful what he wishes for as one of the first things they will plunder will be our natural resources. And as we’ve seen from the increasingly Orwellian Tory media, anyone who disagrees will be smeared as a Leftie extremist.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Owen Paterson is a key Brexiteer. Yet he supports GM foods, fracking, 5G, LED and anything that will kill Britons and destroy their lives and lifestyle. The Tories are captured by an agenda which is not pro-Brussels as once they were – under Hague. Political destruction of Britain has already, for now, been achieved without the need for the EU. Blair and Cameron did all that was necessary to destroy faith in our democracy. Environmental destruction and destruction of the population’s health is now top of the elite’s gameplan. Ian Crane hopes that political life will revive after Brexit, but he points out it won’t be through Parliament or the media that it will happen. It will be through the activism of people in their communities awakening to multiple threats to their health and environment. The EU has been the key political agent of our destruction. Brexit could be the harbinger of the destruction of our health and environment. Only if political life can revive can we do anything to turn back the threats. Farage and his Brexit Party is also pro-fracking, pro-5G, and pro-GM, pro-Glyphosate. The era of Brexiteer politicians being our friends could end on March 29th. Th Battle for Britain’s political survival would be started, not ended. That must be part of the battle for our physical, cultural, spiritual and environmental survival. Which politicians can we look to to fight for us on these fronts? Brexit has acted as a blind while the threats are ramped up.

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