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  1. Tapestry says:

    A reader in Sweden adds – Apart from being a great story told in a personal and linguistically excellent manner, the book is a great inspiration, both in terms of content and reflections but also making me want to write something of my own. Fred A (bought on Amazon)

    A copy was successfully sold here on the blog at the weekend in Australia. No problems experienced by the purchaser. Twenty or so copies have been sold in the first week on Kindle and here on the blog. Feedback looks positive so far, typically as above. Hardback is being prepared but will be a few weeks as it is laid out differently and pictures need a different approach taking which takes time. Hardback should be out in March sometime. Paperback is being prepared for Amazon to print and sell sooner. They print as they sell, so price will not be cheapest – maybe £12.95. But the paperback will be available wherever Amazon operate the paperback printing service, based on same format as the e-book. Hardback will be distributed in the UK and postage costs will therefore affect overseas cost.

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