MPs for sale. Not going cheap either.

The Independent Group are seen as being bribed by the State Of Israel.

Joan Ryan MP accepted an offer of £1 million recorded on tape – including suggestions of bringing down MPs who criticise Palestinian policies of Israel.

French politics seems to be sold to the highest bidder too.

Macron is trying to amend French legislation to categorise anti-Zionism as anti-Semitic hate speech.

Corbyn has no history of bribery by foreign entities – as it would be broadcast far and wide had he done so.

Nothing ever has appeared alleging any such thing against him.

Look at each MP in turn.  What’s their price to commit treason against their country?

What of their constituents voting to Leave in the Referendum?

Why don’t they stand down and seek re-election as an independent MP financed by a foreign entity (Israel)?

It is crucial we come out of the EU.  The global corporatists will be doing all they can to wreck our economy and culture once we come out.

We must focus on what needs to be done once we’re out.  Police are stocking up on rubber bullets in case Brexit is blocked.

The powerful think they can control the chaos they will unleash, but each and everyone of us must participate in the unfolding agenda, and make sure they don’t succeed.


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