March 12th is the crucial day. Can you help?

for cancer case at the Royal Court Of Justice and for Brexit being debated at Westminster.  Drop by and add your presence to show your concern that people who cure cancer are not sent to jail or extradited.  Also join in at Westminster.

Later in month March 28th Mark Steele is back in court in the North East re 5G.

On the 29th March, Ian will host a 5G awareness event just outside Cardigan is West Wales.

In May AV10 is taking place.

Venezuela.  Richard Branson undermining the properly elected President Maduro.  Trying to link himself with the globalists organising concert claiming 120,000 turnout.  More like 10,000.  People in Venezuela are coming together like the people in Syria.  The Humanitarian Aid being offered is from the US – signed by Eliot Abrams – which include significant arms shipments and a little food sprinkled on top – all GM.  This GM was undermine the integrity of their own food stocks.

Give up BBC please.  Encourage people to do a little research for themselves.  The Establishment is running very scared as they try to limit the algorithms of the alternative media.  UK Column.  21st Century Wire.  Many others besides.

People must participate if future generations are to live lives worth having.


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