Less smiling, but still looking confident,

Owen Paterson returns with his Brexit plan.

Shropshire MP Owen Paterson has long spoken of using technology as a solution to the problem of the Northern Ireland backstop.

Owen Paterson, left, joins Iain Duncan Smith and Theresa Villiers at the Cabinet Office in Westminster ahead of talks on the Irish backstop

And Brexit-supporting Mr Paterson is this week again being given the chance to put forward proposals during official talks.

Mr Paterson, a former Northern Ireland secretary, was among members of the Eurosceptic European Research Group who joined Remain-supporting former ministers in the Cabinet Office for the first meeting of the new Alternative Arrangements Working Group.

Downing Street confirmed the meetings, under the chairmanship of Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay, were expected to run until tomorrow.

Mr Paterson met Theresa May at the end of last year to argue that sophisticated technology could be created to create a ‘virtual’ border between Northern Ireland and the Republic.

He said that would negate the need for any special deal for Northern Ireland.

By Mark Drew | North Shropshire | Politics | Published:

TAP – not so many smiles this time (compared to their last visit to Downing Street), and a Trilby sported by Iain Duncan Smith (IDS).   The ‘old firm’ looks confident nevertheless.  IDS won the Conservative leadership in 2001, and changed Conservative party Policy into ‘not going into the Euro in perpetuity’.  Owen Paterson was his campaign manager when he won the Party leadership, and went around then non-Euro EU countries trying to negotiate an extra-Euro group.  IDS lost the leadership when the media turned against him in 2003 – Rupert Murdoch who at that time was a buddy of Prime Minister Blair, since fallen out, and now apparently a supporter of BREXIT.



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