Tony Blair and the Zionist infiltration Of British politics. The Independent Group are Israel’s Fifth Column.

Crane does his best to unravel recent events in Westminster.  Democracy?  You gotta be joking!

The eleven have no place in democratic politics.  Deselect them now!!!!!!  They are not elected representatives.

Who is Blair funded by and who is he playing for?  Israel.

Blair destroyed the Labour Party – signing up with the NeoCons, their wars, and their genocide of the Palestinians.

Corbyn is pushing the Party back together again.

Israel is advocating treason be committed against Corbyn.  Joan Ryan MP Enfield North should be arrested and charged with treason for accepting Israeli diplomat’s ‘offer’ to influence Britain politics.  £1 million cash offered to her.

The anti-Semitism charges against Corbyn and Labour are nonsense – an attempt to shut down any discussion of Israel’s involvement in British politics.

It’s normal stuff when anyone tries to criticise Israel for the Israelis to scream anti-Semitism.

The new so-called Independent Group is funded by Israel with big money.

What is the Zionist agenda for Europe?

Immigration is being used to destroy the homogeneity of our nations.  Blair doubled immigration overnight in 1997.  Britain’s adding one million people every four years.


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