If you are glued to TV, you are glued to a lie.

Iraq War was used as a testing ground for post modern weapons.  9/11 was a media coup d’etat.  ‘What people don’t know is what is killing them.’  Journalism as a defence and balance in the Constitution has gone.  The people who run the system are there just for the pay cheque.  Everyone is glued to it.  Yet it’s not true.  Are they human?  What is their agenda?  They are brutal beyond imagination.  Opium.  The Taliban had burned it all.  Yet we brought it back, and somehow it finds its way to the Rust Belt in New Hampshire where it kills thousands and thousands of young people.

How real reporters are shut down.
Videographer Patrick Dillon tells his story of
how 9/11 and Iraq War reporting was suppressed.
I’ve experienced this myself: Clear video
and photographic evidence of official
wrongdoing rejected and suppressed.
– Brasscheck TV

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