Climate Change: G. Edward Griffin To Trump: William Happer

More Co2 benefits the earth! President Trump has appointed William Happer to spearhead a proposed White House panel on climate change and believes CO2 “has undergone decade after decade of abuse, for no reason.”

Search yourself and find how many denier denier denier headlines you can find.

We are living in a world currently spilling over with an anti-Semolina epidemic, so of course Bess Levin at Vanity Fair has to headline with….
Trump’s New Climate Czar: Carbon Dioxide Has Been Treated Just Like “Jews Under Hitler”

Yeah, that Trump is such a white supremacist neo-Nazi leading all kinds of denial movements, he has 3 major funders called Sheldom Adleson, Paul Singer and Bernard Marcus. Oh yes, we must get the Semolina issue among the climate and indeed, any issue at all where possible, mustn’t we….
Bess? Bimbo!

G. Edward Griffin’s climate conference…

Denier denier denier…. The Lobby must be working over time now a days…
Trump climate change panel set to be led by scientist who compared ‘demonisation’ of carbon dioxide to Holocaust

Yet again, Trump comes through for me, despite my obviously being a denier of everything and all of you, he has basically told the carbon cult, no! I don’t believe your climate lies!


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