Bank Of England steals Venezuela’s gold.

French CRS riot police include police from other countries – an EU tactic to combine Police and Military operations with many countries involved.  UK Column relentlessly flagging up the EU military agenda of placing UK within the EU army.  MPs totally silent as they want British people suppressed by Euro Police so they can carry on their easy lives earning big salaries doing little or nothing – other than posturing.

French population has had enough.  Macron has unleashed military force onto the civilian population.  Fifty losing an eye.  Some blinded by firing weapons directly into the Gilets Jaunes faces.  They target prominent activists.  No emotion to the population of France.  No coverage at the British media as French events are under a D Notice.

So distraction time it is.


No one has any idea about South America.  As Chavez was demonised for trying to create socialist regime, now Maduro.  Maduro won 60% of the votes winning an overwhelming clear electoral  victory.  Yet the US wants him gone as Venezuela has so many oil reserves, which he could use to remove the oil weapon from OPEC.

Inflation being used to destroy the Middle Classes.  Anyone holding the Venezuelan Bolivar has been wiped out, while the rich held gold and silver, which hold value.  Maduro tried to repatriate Venezuelan gold from the Bank Of England.  Carney refused to deliver the gold back to Maduro.  Bank Of England no longer trustworthy.

Venezuelan inflation rate is 112,000 per cent per annum.  Hyperinflation is a deliberate strategy.  Manipulated by the global banksters.  John Bolton believes he is here on earth to initiate global conflict.  He wants WW3.  Fortunately he’s not that subtle.  And the world is watching him.  He wants US corporations in control of the oil in Venezuela.


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