Brexit the beginning of a struggle, and the end of one.

For all the woes and divisions currently faced in Westminster, we would do well to remind ourselves that Britain is not leaving a beacon of freedom, security and the rule of law.

A dark and insidious authoritarianism is creeping across the EU, with control becoming ever more centralised and abuses of power occurring at every level of government in many EU states. The closer Britain remains to this deeply compromised bloc the greater the danger. As this becomes increasingly clear, a ‘No Deal’ Brexit looks less like a risky venture and more like a desperately needed lifeboat at the scene of a tragedy.

Preamble to article in UK paywall main media site.

Main media is onside with alternative media.  Brexit is the only option.  And all we are being offered in reality is ‘no deal’.

It will be messy.  It is messy now.  But we have no choice.  We have to get out of the EU.  The agenda beyond the EU will hardly be parliamentary democracy any more than it was when Parliament supposedly won the Civil War.  The bankers will want to ratchet up their centralised control of the world to yet another level.  If MPs have to make decisions once more, there is a chance we might be able to influence the course of events.  Parliament has been made into nothingness by the EU, as it was by Cromwell, the supposed Parliamentarian.  The wisdom of crowds and the application of common sense has not been possible for near fifty years.  The position of people in Britain has been downgraded to the point of hopelessness on nearly every front.  The only stability and possibility we have is what we create for ourselves in our families, communities and our conversations with each other.  We have to Brexit and step aside from the rising tide of human abuse that is the EU.

But that will be only the start.  The resumption of democratic government will require more than just a removal of the force that destroyed it.  It will have to rebuilt.


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