Brexit – Catholics versus Protestants?

It’s so complicated this Brexit thing – especially in the media.  It’s quite simple in truth.  Getting out of a totalitarian state and trying to rediscover democracy is what we believe we are engaged in.  That seems simple enough.

There’s a reason why it’s so complicated.  That is because Brexit has another level, it’s part of a centuries old war between Catholics and Protestants – between Romans and non-Romans.  The Roman Empire set up Christianity to enslave its vast populations, and in doing so, massacred all gnostic populations, who had knowledge of human spirituality and the spiritual and scientific world going back millennia.  Julius Caesar massacred two million Gauls.  Vespasian massacred the last of the Druids in Britain who were holed up in Anglesey.  They had their reasons for doing so, as the new religion Christianity would never work if this knowledge survived.

One opposition group to the Christian imposition by the Romans survived.  These were the descendants of Mary Magdalene, wife of Jesus, who escaped the Jewish Revolt in AD70 and landed in the South of France.  Jesus was captured and imprisoned for the rest of his life.  The Christian religion was created by Josephus Flavius using him as the central character moving the historical events forwards to AD30, and making Jesus not a king with armies but a child of a poor family etc etc etc.

The descendants of Mary Magdalene were Jewish, same as the Caesars.  In fact they’re all related.  Caesar of Rome, same name as Gaethelos of Egypt, Khasra of Persia – bar a bit of language and linguistics.  The ancient world was ruled by a single family who divided up their empires and kept themselves fairly separate bar a few well organised games (wars).

The buffer state maintained between Persia and Rome to prevent war breaking out was tax free and called Osrhoene, and it was the country that Jesus was king of, he being related to Persian and Egyptian Royalty.  He was in fat the great grandson of Cleopatra (   Jewish means Hebrew – the name of the language coming from the river Ebro in Lower Egypt, the Nile Delta – and they were the Pharoahs.  The Jews were not from Israel.  Judaea was a desert region with nothing worth bothering with.  The Ebro was the richest place on earth with the four rivers dividing.  The Hyksos was their name.  Their capital city was called Avaris – ring a bell?  Their central bank was called The White House.  These are the people who ruled the world then and who rule the world to this day.  They enslaved the Egyptian people through market manipulation (not the Israelites as claimed) as they continue to do to the world to this day.

Their descendants have divisions within their ranks based on history.  The Romans became the (Roman) Catholics, who became the Rothschilds – the current British Royal Family through Queen Victoria who was the daughter of Nathan Mayer Rothschild.  The Essenes who escaped the Romans, were Jewish gnostics.  They founded the Orange Order in the South of France at the City of Orange.  They became the Cathars, the Huguenots, later the Protestants, funded Oliver Cromwell to stop a Catholic takeover of Britain and founded the City of London.  The English Civil War was between the Orange Order and the Catholics as was every war throughout European history.  The Orange lines of descent separated from the Catholics who tried to massacre them on numerous occasions.  They failed to wipe them out.  The Orange Order got control of Holland and then Britain and they used these two to build great empires.  All sides in this story are Jewish – in the sense of Hebrew descent.

Brexit is an attempt by the Orange Order to once more break free of Catholic control, same as Henry 8th, same as The English Civil War, same as WW2.  Yet the two sides are basically all cousins and see great wealth resulting from their machinations, their political, military and financial games, often with the outcomes arranged beforehand.  Farage is Yareach, from the South Of France, Orange Order.  Trump is descended from the seed of Gael via his mother – another variant of Caesar, Gaythelos, Khasra, the name from which Gaelic comes.  Gael (Gaythelos) left Egypt heading west with Queen Scota, founding Ireland as Hibernia after their son Hiber, the same word as Hebrew.  They are all descended from Egyptian pharaohs and see themselves as bloodline and cousins enjoying their great power to manipulate the world.

Israel is a Rothschild project.  Supporting Palestinians is code for opposing Catholics, Rome, Brussels, Blair and Rothschild.  Britain was the vessel for the conquest of the world.  Europe was the project to destroy the previous British order.  The USA came next, eclipsing Britain.  Now the Hebrews are cashing in and moving on once more, all jostling for position as they shift.  Brexit is a project against the Rothschilds, Blair, Brussels, Israel – which is what the ‘anti-Semitism’ is all about.  In fact all sides are Jews, all originally Hebrew from Egypt.  The rest of us are just pawns in their games.

We can try to re-establish lost democratic institutions like Britain’s Parliament.  We indeed should be doing so if we can.  But make no mistake.  The bloodline Royals of the world will be streets ahead of us in their plans.  They know what kind of Brexit is coming and have done so awhile – no deal in all probability.  They know that the US trade deal will leave us with even less say in many of our affairs, such as food quality, than we had with Brussels.  Yet try we must, and we will have to live on regardless of what kind of political prison they build for us.  We as humans have our own agenda.  We are not Satanists or Devil-worshippers as are our oppressors.  We need to be sure as to what our more positive aims are, and ensure we live content lives, and do not become Satanic victims of fear, greed, jealousy and distress.  Our spirits outlive our earthly lives and we need to prepare ourselves for the coming role we must play beyond the current political play of the Pharoahs and their descendant families.  Contentment must be our only goal.

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