Breaking good people. How they silence the truth.

Link to interview which describes the suppression of truth in prison system/psychiatric system.

The agents of evil like fake cripple Jerry, Reszneki, and comedian Matilda should be very happy with themselves. The only patriot left in America is heading to the funny farm.

For any losers left that say this is a psyop, a man’s life is now affected.

Keep on killing an innocent man.

Put your heart and prayers for Jodie and Robert. They may actually end these peoples lives in prison.

Fake cripple jerry and ALL the rest have blood on their hands. They will have murder on their hands come judgement time. You will be judged for the lies and destroying peoples lives.

But all of you demons don’t care and never will.

Shedding blood or drinking blood, doesn’t matter to you…its not you and this is just a game isn’t it? Great job demons!


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