A shocking statistic.

84 men commit suicide in Britain each week.

The news media onslaught alone is enough to drive most people to depression.  Obviously lack of economic opportunities beyond the most basic level don’t help, and so too the role of advertising, mainstream and social media in disturbing our minds.

The problem is that there are so many agendas for people to fit themselves around.  As people click on their TVs or gadgets, the air is immediately humming with stress, fear, worry, war, conflict and little else.  Should this be our primary concern?

We are human beings designed for one purpose only – to live a life of contentment, and hopefully die in the same vein.  Everything we are and do should be fixed on that single aim – to be content, and nothing else.  Not to be more than we are, not to compete to appear better than others, but to be true to ourselves, to care for others as they should in turn care for us.  We are a herd under attack being made to imagine we are alone.  Yet we are not.  All of us are under assault by the same demonic and Satanic forces trying to destroy our contentment.  By being content and refusing to listen, we are doing all that is required to fight back.

Contentment is our treasure.  That is all we should fight for – not money, not possessions, land or power.  Just simple happiness and a positive mental attitude.

Number one is turn off all TVs and gadgets, which seek to control your mind.  You must control your own mind.

This kind of image is being sent to disturb us.  Protect yourself and your children.

MOMO image.

Number two is look to nature.  We are surrounded by simple beauty – however much it is despoiled by deliberate acts of geo-engineers and the like.  It is there to inspire us.

Number three is choose the people to meet and talk to, who lift you up, and avoid the ones who drag you down.  Your birthright is to be content.   Don’t let anyone or any corporation or television set take that away from you.  Not ever.


One of the stories in Angels & Devils, My Extraordinary Life features butterfly visitations after my mother died.

There is life after death.  If you don’t have any experiences yet that have shown you that this is the case, then find people who know.  Or read books. The battle between demonic forces and the distressed souls in the afterlife is the key to the lives we are living now.  These forces communicate back to us, and tell us things we need to know.  Angelic forces which are at peace after their earthly lives can come and help us.

True spiritual knowledge was destroyed by the Romans.  They massacred all the gnostics when they launched Christianity.  The gnostics knew all that I am writing above, and more, which is why the Romans decided they had to kill them all or Christianity, the religion they designed to control the masses, would have been a nonstarter.  They torched all the libraries to the same ends.  Humanity has been cut off from true knowledge a very long time, and yet the same spiritual forces, both good and evil, are still there all around us, never mind the technology and brands trying to steal their power.

This is the battle we are really fighting.  It’s only becoming a political and military battle  because the spiritual battle is being lost.

The poor souls going to the grave in distress through suicide will not easily go to rest.  They will probably need help to get there.  But they can be helped even after they take their own lives.  The battle for contentment is never lost.   The problem is that, in most cases, it is not even being fought by people who don’t realise where their treasure as a human being lies.  They are defeated by the ignorance of the modern world, which for all its massive load of information, lacks the one single and most crucial piece of information of all.

These matters are covered in my book – Angels & Devils – My Extraordinary Life.  It covers every aspect of the life I have led including the spiritual.


I hope we can tilt the balance back in the spiritual domain on earth, bypassing all the religions and realising that we as humans have the power to do what’s required without need for anything other than what is already naturally in our possession.  Those contemplating suicide should read my book and think again, and realise they are not alone.  We are all one.   We are all fighting the same struggle against the same demonic forces.  Let’s win some battles today, seek and find contentment for what we are.  And live to build contentment in humanity.  Our political leaders are our sworn enemies.  We have to do this for ourselves.


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