Who do environmental NGOs never mention anything about geoengineering?  Green Party, Friends of the Earth, any politician will all accuse you of being a tinfoil hat wearer, a rampant conspiracy theorist if you discuss geoengineering, chemtrails etc.  Yet there is abject denial from all the controlled opposition.  This has been going on for twenty ears.

The democracy of greed.

Venezuela is the latest victim of ‘democracy’ – the legitimate President Maduro is being turfed out, being replaced with a Freemason appointed by the globalists.  Venezuela has oil reserves and gold reserves and diamonds.  Russia was proposing to help the Venezuelan national oil company increase output of oil and help to mine gold enabling Venezuela to participate in the international economy.  Russia is not proposing to instal military bases, while America wants to put in three military bases.

The top of the Freemasonic tree, the Rothschilds (gold), the Rockefellers (oil) and the Oppenheimers (diamonds) don’t want their worldwide monopolies being threatened.


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