Yellow Vests In Westminster

Last night late on the radio I heard the BBC report on a yellow vest protest on Westminster Bridge. We must be cautious of colour revolutions; they tend to be sponsored, infiltrated and used by corporate and intelligence interests….. but, the movement is unsettling Macron and will make the Pearle Oroffice & co nervous here in the UK. The UK Column suggest there is word of an office within or behind the cabinet office called the Pearle Office.

The BBC and Westminster MP’s are relentless in supporting a 2nd Brexit referendum; ‘hard’ Brexit will take the country off the cliff egde; fear fear fear…. I’m listening to them on john Pienaar BBC R5 programme as I type. They are useless; clueless; John Pienaar is a classic softly spoken BBC puppet who quite obviously does not want Brexit. I suggest there is a quiet mass really pissed off with the lying, deceiving establishment elite who will not recoginse the biggest vote turn-out in recent UK history. We voted out!…. with that Emily Thornberry Labour MP just ‘honestly’ stated she wants to Remain within the €U.

It is ironic that yellow vests arrest a yellow vest…
The moment Met Police arrested a 13-year-old girl at the Yellow Vest Protests | London

Yellow vest protests: EU flag BURNED by pro-Brexit demonstrators in London

The protest looked tiny…. I struggled to find much BBC coverage:

This Sarah Westall discussing the gilet jeunes…. I’ve not checked Sarah for months, but thought she might offer a reasonable insight as to what is going on…..

Roman Light joins the program to discuss what is really behind the Yellow Vest Movement. The media has portrayed the movement as violent and dwindling in numbers. In reality, the vast 99% are peaceful and the movement is growing substantially. Roman Light explains the realities on the ground and what the movement is trying to accomplish. His video about the movement climbed to over 800,000 views before it became highly censored.


Why Do They Fear the Yellow Vest Movement? with Roman Light


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