Yellow Vest Arrest: Éric Drouet

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Brexit & Gilet Jaunes Inspire.
The Queen is funded by the taxpayer and sits among gold loot….. Saddam’s piano? Really?

‘No, before they denounced on Twitter the flaunting of solid-gold booty said to have been looted from its legal owner, reputedly the late Saddam, and worth enough to buy an individual palace for every rough sleeper in the land, the piano-averse would surely go online, discover it was acquired new, in 1856, by Queen Victoria and now belongs to the royal collection…’

Gatwick dronegate demonstrated the chaotic nature of our establishment.
Chaos driven by Julia Middleton’s Common Purpose
A parallel structure; parallel hierarchy

The wider public must participate against this hierarchy.
The Brexit opportunity is to bring responsibility back home.
Merkel & Macron: nation states need to give up their sovereignty for the benefit of the €U empire

Yellow vest arrest: Éric Drouet

Activist and leader, Eric Drouet, was accused of organising protests without getting the relevant authorities’ permission…

Fractional reserve banking is becoming more well known…
Trump has mentioned it!

The likes of Francis Egan’s financial interests are under threat.

Sow your seeds!


2019 … A Year Of ‘High Stakes’ Opportunity!



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