Who Advises Gateshead Council On 5G?

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Mainstream press: Head of MI6 concerned about 5G…
Minister of Defence concerned… threat to national security.
Donald Trump also concerned…. a number arrests of Chinese agents
Mark Steele’s background is weapons systems
Health affect concerns.
Security concerns.
Justice Nolan declared Steele at liberty to continue campaigning
Have Gateshead councillors been gagged?
SC11 is a forgery entered into the court
Sheena Ramsey, Common Purpose graduate, CEO Gateshead Council lied in court
5G must be debated
More trees have been cut in Newcastle than Sheffield
‘Square’ frequency waves harmful….
Who advises Gateshead Council on 5G?
Ian would not choose LED lights at home; he would choose halogen or incandescent light bulbs

AV9 – Mark Steele – 5G : The Existential Threat … & The Opportunity!


With MARK STEELE … Gateshead Council Want Him JAILED!


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