Weaponised Words

Bloke In A Car

On the road to Newcastle…

Use of words.
Racists, Xenophobes. Far right….. references to Brexiteers.
Conspiracy Theory was used to counter any awkward questions about JFK assassination…
Israel uses anti-Semite and or Holocaust Denier to counter any questions about the Israeli genocidal agenda

Generally, walk away from such accusers….. if possible ask them how the relationship between the €U parliament and the €U Commission actually works; ask them for the process that establishes €U legislation… ask about the legislation that was put in place in 1972 which gave the €U carte blanche above and beyond any sovereign nation
Manufacturing division
D-Notice on reporting about gilets Jaunes from France?
Threat to national security? Or threat to internal hegemony within the €U?
It is largely Middle France, not ‘extremists’, French culture and economy under the threat of globalists
French police now being armed with semi-automatic weapons
May’s Deal is not Brexit, but effectively worse.

Gateshead Council desperate to gag Mark Steele and shot down any debate over 5G & LED street light agenda

Manipulation Via ‘Weaponised Vocabulary’


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Sow Seeds. Be Patient.

Sow Seeds. Be Patient.


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