UKC: UK To Cease To Be A Nation

Brexit has been marketed as ‘No Deal’. UK Column continue to explain there is no intention for Brexit. Quite the contrary, further €U integration is intended.

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UK Column News – 14th January 2019

Show notes: these include links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.

I love you! I want yo too!

Theresa May makes Brexit statement in Stoke-on-Trent – watch live

€U UK military unification?
Pantomime Shambles Chaos
Treading the boards to rejoin the €U
Backstop = rejoining €U
Puppet Parliament Puppet MP’s Playing Pantomime with public

Aachen was Charlemagne’s capital. He was the head of the Frankish tribe that has been the crux of European unification since sub-Roman times
The Franks forcibly converted the Saxons to “Christianity” and Charlemagne set up his Oktogon fraternity in Aachen and surrounding cities.
Aix-la-Chapelle is how the older ones among you will remember it from history.

Strasbourg City Council on the Franco-German border already has the domain name

I have discovered a bunch of authors from the eastern tip of France who have been at the forefront of this campaign. De Pange, Chevenement.
They are Alsace-Lorraine Franks and are thick with Satanism and Euro-unity fervour. Allied with the Habsburgs by marriage to Marie-Thérèse

A signal against nationalism…

Exquisite €U Integrated Language

Germany and France being dismantles as nation states

I am quietly confident that France and Germany truly will break up into several entities each within the next decade.

Treason Hidden In Plain Sight

Goes back to British-Franco plan 1948
War was and is used for change

Covert Political Conduct
her Majesty’s Crown being rolled into this €U relationship… we will cease to be a nation.

What will it take to initiate talk about €U UK military unification?
The Silence Is Deafening
Fait accompli: taxation without representation

Macron says we can have a debate on what he will do, but do them anyway….

Daily Mail weaves a darker narrative…
Far right?

Bell-headed Journalist:
Guess what his nickname was at Rugby? “Gay Adams”

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, case

Not charitable work. Not aid.


British soft power whether independent or not.

David Ellis:
They came for the Jews and I did nothing
Pretty soon they’ll come for the Christians if you do nothing
They come for the Sikhs and you do nothing
They come for the Hindus and you do nothing
They come for our miners and we do nothing
They have already come for steel workers and we did nothing
They come for our car workers and we’ve done nothing
They are now coming for our Royal Navy and our Royal marines and we do nothing
When they take your family, who will be left to help you?
You’ll be on your own.

UK Column News – 14th January 2019

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