UKC: Snowflake Minister For War

…. his name is Gavin and his No:2 Lord Freddie Howe keeps the €U-UK military unification reality a fudged and vague scenario.

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UK Column News – 9th January 2019

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Show notes: these include links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.

‘Cooper is a treasonous war monegring demonic bitch’
George Freeman? Mike puts him right: no George, the people are sovereign, not parliament!
Cabinet office handbook…. MP’s are not being briefed on what th constitution exactly is.

Anna Soubry called a Nazi!

BBC: right wing extreme event
Nick Boles

Right wing extremism + Russia + Brexit…. nice.

‘I’m a vile right wing extremist then ‘

Where are British forces over seas and fighting and dying

Snowflake army advert campaign

Soldier, 28, to QUIT after army use his picture for 'snowflake' recruitment poster

Gavin’s Xmas video….

James Not So Cleverly

Capita Advert


Orchestration to destroy UK armed forces

Boles & Kruger chaos and creative destruction

Freddie Earle Howe

Lord Howe: insignia, complicity & CARD

Drones Dome Market: Rafael Drone Dome

£800Billion leaves London because of Brexit according to Ernst & Young

Who is creating the policy of chaos in the UK?

UK Column News – 9th January 2019



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  1. Mr Dude says:

    Gavin Williamson, the failed fireplace salesman is such a laughable fuckwit.

    I honestly wouldn’t even let him wash my car.

    One can only imagine the kind of disgusting photographs MI6 have of him.

    Tick, tock..

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