UKC: No Man’s Land

Who is responsible? What is the policy? The fudging and muddying of waters whether UK-€U military unification or the Integrity Initiative or the privatising of the NHS does seem to end up in a strange no man’s land. Arise Sir Gary Dark Lord Streeter!

UK Column News – 7th January 2019


Show notes: these include links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.

15 January vote

MP mentions military union

More Anonymous Integrity Initiative

Privatisaiton of the military?
Pablo Miller?

Lithuanian award….

No Man’s Land

Who what are Corbynytes?

Girl’s competition GCHQ £1,0000


Keep NHS out of headlines

Matt Handycock
Advertising clamp down

Lucy Reynolds….

Deep dark privatisation of NHS

China on the moon
Black Arrow? UK capability stalled to appease the €U

Britsh Navy? Protecting the world rules based order….

Harry to join front line exercise to warn Putin….

At least Harry gets to see lots of Norwegian blondes on skis pretending to be soldiers.

Arise Sir Gary Dark Lord Streeter

Melanie Shaw to be sentenced….


UK Column News – 7th January 2019



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UKC: Merry Xmas Syria!


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